American Dream and debt.

When you consider a dream does it usually begin with a nightmare? I have often remembered thinking of a nightmare or two and the next day saying wow that’s an odd dream. I wonder what it meant. Well for a lot of us, I speak in the broad sense of terms, but a lot of us are struggling with the dream/ slash/ nightmare. We thought it would be a good idea to compound our idea of self reliance/ passion/ and dedication all into one and jump into that dream whole-heartedly. Well didn’t that dream become a nightmare. A sluggish economy and a waimage imager of religion has ensalved us into a web of lies, debt, and nightmares.

I wish I could say that the nightmare has ended and that the day has started anew, but this isn’t the case. I’ve been struggling with these issues for almost 6 years now, no recourse for emotional problems, financial issues and lack of opportunities in the jobs we are currently undertaking.

So I decided to jump online and spread wisdom of encouragement.  I know we all struggle with issues, sometimes more than others, and yes I believe that some of us have thought about the negatives and that there is no way out. I don’t know the way out at this point in my life either. But I know that I am alive and I know that in life live it. That is all. No matter what just live the life and take in the moments. It’s to important of a life to waste it on any one issue.

Dream and nightmares will always exist. Warnings from all of us can save us in the long run. So I will share the knowledge I learn one blog at a time ah hope my message reaches 1 of a million.

Dream that’s all we really have in this world, and if you look around a dream is what builds a monument!

Take in today!–

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