What makes travel so Great?

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I Finally had the chance to see Italy!  Buena Note, say the Italians as you stop by the shops on the way to the sites. We arrived that night into Rome. And it was beautiful. It was amazing how active the city is at night. The people awake to the ambiance of a city alive with culture. 

IMG_2037 IMG_2051 IMG_2055 IMG_2073 IMG_2074 IMG_2085

12:00 am and the Italian’s  are still around the shops enjoying the warmth, happiness of the city. We were so amazed to see that we could wander around the city and see shops selling their wares, Cafes open to the scents of Gelato and espresso. Book vendors enlightening the night with their treasures, bars and the youth exchanging ideas of the world laughing away at the night, calmly sitting around the park benches enjoying their Birra. Its an awkward way of saying that word but I learned the expression well. The Italians know how to view the world with calmness and love.


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