Not completely sure where this is going but I need to write today.

I have neglected to follow through and share stories on here. It may be for a lack of words that will continue to sum up my thoughts, or it could be that I haven’t had much success at gaining an audience. But time has a tricky was of showing you its path, and onward we shall go as the sun sets and rises.  


A lonely wolf follows a heard to gain a foot in his destiny, all the while summing um his strength so that one day he shall meet in a crossroad and find that not only has the heard go astray, but the leader has fallen and the wolves have eaten themselves to death, so the lonely wolf, will surpass themby hanging  onto his cunning ways and gaining a heard, while leading them to safety. -JMR

So the quote above means something, that is a quote I just developed and its true. So many people always want to be great and have success every minute of their lives. 

Family around us tell us it takes time to build a leader, or to even arrive at our own success. So many people around us help to tell us that it takes years for a seed to grown into a tree so that one day it will provide seeds of its own.  There is no way of saying that we all will grow up and nurture our own future and live a life we had envisioned, but the truth is that we all have the ability to if we just keep at it.  A child takes years of nurture. I know this by first hand. My child has grown so fast. Yet I need to see  and understand that he is small and only 3, not 15. He only been on this earth for 3 years. So the world is so new to him. Yet we all, look around and say, well Roberts son is 3 and he’s a piano prodigy or Sussies kid is in Black belt of karate. Etc. I think we can all learn from this to take time and stop it, for no matter what success and wealth, or skills someone else has, you are more successful because you are alive and this planet has a space for us all. 

So get out there and live it. And don’t worry about anyone, follow your own rythm for your a wolf and one day it will pay off!!!!

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