Replying to this blog I found tonight. —>>How to Turn Down an Office Romance– 

Just replying to this blog. Not sure how I feel that woman are always strongly opposed to every guy that makes a pass at them. I feel like girls always complain about love, and when it bites you in the rear, it’s as though you find any excuse to turn it down. Every damn story about love and relationships is always some sob story on how the guy sucks and he cheats blah blah, but don’t you get it, it’s the girl always making an excuse not to be loved, not to have love or not to make love. And let me just say, girls need to be more open to the fact that, let’s face it, life is moving way to fast to try to find mR. Right, mr right now is at some corner bar trying to make contact with fuckin aliens, “yes you” and all you can think about is , oh he’s not my type or he doesn’t do this or that, he’s not a fuckin astronaut I don’t know. But the point is this, make it worth your time and get out there and make romance happen.

( the bottom portion is not mine, I am just responding to a blog I found on WordPress, please respect the author, I am not sure how this works to be honest, it asked me to reply and I did and all of a sudden it’s on my page.) thanks! 

3 days into Valentine’s Day, it is naturally that lonely hearts of the office bond together. What if you prefer to be single or alone on Valentine’s Day? What if you really want to avoid office dating? What if you don’t want to give the wrong idea to the colleague who is asking you? And […]

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