Thoughts on blogging-It boggles my mind

I am not sure if I am great at this.i honestly feel lost. But I feel like it’s somewhere, where I can share my thought about the world. 

This blog started in the thought of providing advice to all who seek it, in learning about the American way of life and how to achieve success. 

But you know, I gave up trying to gain any audience on that subject. So at least I am here seeing if anyone wants to chime into our lives and share stories with each other. And lo- and behold, so many stories to choose from, some I feel more passionate about and will respond to. Like this article on the bottom by another WordPress author. 

It’s amazing how much knowledge we can share, but how little we truly learn. We have so much at our fingertips, but the details bore me to bits. I wish we could grab a video for every detail we can learn and share and provide it within 5 seconds or less, and voilà the universe is done. Lol but of course, that will never happen.

So please tell me how to add tags, how to response successfully to stories, and how to get an audience, or at least be part of an audience where people are having a conversation or a concert, at least one of the two will involve some form of partying lol. 

Well goodnight for now…

( of course, the bottom portion is not mine, all right to the author, I just put it on my blog by sharing it, so I could comment,)


How to set goals you’ll be more likely to keep.

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