Voting to whom do we choose? 

My opinion:

If we are to stay powerful in our leadership within the world and to keep Americas dominance and security, we need a president that has ideas to propel our future forward, not isolate it like Trumps or look like we are switching sides every minute like Hillary. We need leadership that cares to really help the people and to make the working class families relevant again. We are told you must work hard to get where we want, and all of us are doing so, yet we continue to have injustices in our salaries, living conditions, and treatment. We are all Americas, yet Hillary’s view are so isolated that it feel that she is entitled to what she had because of who she knows or the ass kissing she did to get there. Honest hard working Americas need leadership and Honesty in our government. We need transparency and aid. We lack a structure to support our society, around Hillary and trump the world is crumbling and all they care about is the wealth they are generating. 

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