A word we forget, a world we live in.

Many moons ago we were a different people looking up at the stars wondering where we were headed. Yes, we all have wars and conflicts, but the leading thought has always been, where are we headed? And what shall the future bring.

I was reading an article today about the Mayans and how researchers have discovered that their civilization perished due to drought. Its such a strong comparison to our world today. There is so many factors that are against us. Even sex is an issue in modern times, where the  art of multiplication and carrying on the offspring can have so many undesired consequences.

But well we are a fragile system, full of complex molecules, held together by the threads of life precariously waiting for the years to pass. Well we think about our ancestors and wonder what truly bonds or builds a society and how to do you keep it alive.

I remember fondly how I would look up at the heavens and think about the simplicity of it all. Huge balls of gasses hanging around up there suspended in a void, waiting for for their turn at their destiny.

well wherever we go, go with a purpose and make this world better. One way or another we must help each other.


your pal,



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