CoronaVirus… !!!you have changed us all!!!..

When people thought about sicknesses what was the first thing that came into mind?

I had no clue our lives would have changed so much! Think about the way now we see things and view each other. I had to adapt to the changes just like you did. Finding ways to keep track of my heath, because damn I am eating like crazy, we are all into Oreos right now!!! Haha! But it’s not because we have always liked them. In fact we have never ever ever liked Oreos before. For some reason we are looking at the comfort food. Things that have given us the opportunity to feel as kids again, trapped inside and finding ways to cope with our relationships between being parents, being member of the community, being ourselves and the insecurities we all face. But at the end of the day, damn good ol Oreos save the day! Hahah.

It’s fine to be unhealthy it’s fine to be β€œus” who care what people say. Just be yourself. Everything is good in moderation. But also know your heath is of the upmost importance. Find ways to make it work, run with a face mask as I did. Find weights in random objects, and stick to it. We all need encouragement during these tough times. But also enjoy and be happy. Comfort food is what we have always turned to for those movie nights that summers day, the first date with that special someone, or that vacation where unlimited soda fountains and ice cream Sundaes were ok to splurge on!!

Stay safe!! But enjoy being home!!

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