When we think about everything that has been going on, does it ever come to your mind about everything everyone sacrifices on a daily basis? I have thought about how we have come to be and our history as we have moved about in time and in our civilizations.

We clearly need to understand that there are many civilizations that have passed before us, and that each one has left a mark on who we are today. The Egyptians understood their roles in life and everyone played a part to make the empire or break it. We still do not know what or how these great civilizations ended up dying into the history books, but what we do know is that each civilization worried about everything we worry today.

We worry about how we will pay the bills, we worry about life and it’s complications in relationships, about the plague that will wipe us out, about everything imaginable under the sun. I am one to worry just like the you, my reader seeing this writing today. However when we think about everything we have accomplished as a civilization we have so much to be grateful for. The science that makes history come to life, such as the analysis that goes into volcanic pumice stones from ancient antiquity and what it meant to the people in that village as the volcano destroyed their homes. Or the dating of wine vessels left in the seas for thousands of years, yet perfectly preserved thanks to the science of those Vineyards in antiquity of Greece.
There was once a thought that humanity was so behind in technology and in thought. Think about this, once upon a time in a land far away in the hills of Peru lived an ancient civilization named the Inca. They drew these lines in the sand, which we talk about as the Nazsca lines.

The Nazca Lines in Peru. Ancient drawings in the sand.

When you look deeply at them you start seeing references to the night sky and the paths starts take around our [planet]. However, as society has changed or lacked the vision, they have been systematically removed and covered over with tracks from the highway built by the Peruvian government. This is just the way we worry about learning the past which will uncover the truth of their government and society.

We all live in fear of the unknown and what we don’t know we would rather discard and cover then to face and understand. We have come a long long long way and when we think about history we make history every day. We all have a purpose here on this earth and the choices we make impact the future we leave behind. It’s a fascinating understanding of who we are and what we are doing on this planet.

And for all this we should be grateful for the history we have behind us. For we have the chance to make and change society for the better. As we learn to face our fears and allow ourselves the ability to adapt to change, then to can we learn to improve our society and enhance our views on what is to come.

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