Not all are Lucky enough to be American!

Wander around any country and see what the flag symbolizes. In some countries you loose your freedoms and walk around battle weary and scarred for life as you navigate the perils of the next hours. Your world turn upside down with destruction and decay and the cities in shambles. Thinking about what would it be like to live in peace and in harmony.

We wander around our current landscapes and look around for answers to our daily lives. Everything is a struggle regardless of what a “struggle” really means. One soccer mom can struggle to rear in her children, the other can struggle with mental health issues or drug additions. We all struggle one way or another. But all of us are looking for a way to exist and coexist at the same time.

We all want to be a part of something for the greater good, we all want success and we all want to live in peace and in harmony. However we see it these are the essential roots of human kind, to live in a place of plenty, where there are opportunities for life, liberty, and freedom, where every day you can decide your own fate and your own story.

We are like books, each one of us has a chapter and a story to tell, written in our minds, lost in different catalogues on a endless bookshelf of life.

Each one of us has a story to tell, why not read the pages to learn more about each other? I was in a store last night, lost in my own thoughts, trying to finish writing my chapter in my head of what would become of the night, my list long of things I need for the family. I look at my list of things to get: milk, napkins, water for the baby’s bottles, and other useless items. I wander around the local store, not worried about time, however worried about closing soon. Each isle desolate and the pressures of the Coronavirus a sure certainty of the need for haste. Although I am worried about catching the virus, we are all human, and sometimes we need to calm ourselves and wander at night to find our own connections.

I stumble into one isle and then the next. A true fashion of the American sprit to accomplish spending all my money lol. Well its late at night and I need to hurry I tell myself. However, I am so into thought that I hardly notice anyone around me. This is where the dilemma comes in on what we value as our freedoms. Well a shopper stops and asks me a question about some item and I begin to chat about cars and politics and little topics of items throughout the store. I learn about where he comes from and who he is, we share ideas about what we thing wealth is and all of a sudden this becomes such a strong vision of what this dream hopes to accomplish.

Well I started this website to create a place to help people. A place to collect ideas of what the American Sprit and Dream was and is about. Well this interaction truly embodied the sprit of everything we stand for. The shopper and I began to share ideas of what does it mean to be successful in each country. He is from a soviet era country where things are held in different standards. He went to school and fought to be someone in his country, he tells me, “ look I make more money here working in sales in the USA versus my country as an engineer.” He tells me “ we left to make our lives better and are in this country to work and we love this country for the opportunities it has!” He tells me. At this point I tell him that I feel the same. My parents worked their ass off to give us the opportunity we have here in this country and we are able to do so because of what this country provides.

So what does each country symbolize? What does the flag really represent to each and every one of us? We defend our homelands because thats all we have and nowhere to go. But if we think about it and look closely where would we go if all of us had the same opportunities?Would we all go if given the change to change the banner of our lives? Well this is the thought of the night. We are very lucky to be born in this country, and those that were able to move here are also very fortunate.