Thinking about what is to come…

There is so much going on out there in the world these last couple weeks. It’s this endless thought of doom and despair. It’s tough not to get wrapped into it all. And all you want to do is chomp down on some KrispyCreme donuts and a vanilla nut coffee. It’s this idea of comforting the pain that is this consistent thought of doom we all feel as our worlds are paralyzed. We live in a state of anxiety, cleaning, organizing, meticulously worrying about what, who or why we do to avoid bringing in the virus into our homes.

At this point the wholesale price of bleach at Costco makes sense! Haha.

But alas we are home. We are in our warm and cozy environment and we can say is well the world is collapsing but here we have a chance to be our own world. It’s raining outside today, it’s been raining for the last couples of days. God is opening up the heavens and for some reason is crying upon the lands. It’s been interesting to be home. I haven’t been together at home with my family in a while. It’s interesting that we loose the ability to understand each other with the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules and our constant planning for the next adventure. We forget about being us and we forget how to deal with each other.

Just like all of you, we are also learning new things from each other. How to be better parents, how to listen more, how to be patient, how to enjoy just being home and doing nothing. Surprisingly it’s been such a long time since I’ve been sitting on a couch doing nothing, not having to worry about getting up tomorrow to go to work. It’s a bizarre feeling to just be “home!” It’s hard to explain but we are all going though it together.

It is as though I’m 10 years old again, and the Saturday morning cartoons are on and all I am doing is eating junk food and watching tv before my parents get up. I would rise early in the morning, trying not to wake anyone up, and watching my favorite cartoons in peace and quiet.

But the oddity of it all is we are not 10, we are young adults thinking that the world is the moments we spend making money of some sort, learning something to have a conversation with someone at work, or fulfilling our time doing “important” things to seem busy.

Yet, now, there isn’t that need. We should be aware that it’s ok to be free. It’s ok to be US! It’s ok enjoy these moments. Don’t think about anything else but enjoying your family, your friends or roommates, and yourself. There is always a reason for everything. Maybe this was a way to bring people close. To remind them that the material isn’t important. That family, friends, and being human is important. To once again rise up and listen to who you are and your wants in this world. We have been in this rat race for so long that we forgot what it was like to listen to the world outside, to see the blue sky and to open our eyes to our families. We forgot how to live together in peace and harmony and to value the moments we have together.

Everything in this world has a reason and a purpose. And your the purpose for this world! Your the reason this world will be better. Take the time to enjoy the little things and don’t worry about what anyone will think or say. Just be you. Enjoy spending time with your kids, enjoy seeing them and listening to them. Enjoy the moments for we don’t know how long we have to do so. Time is precious and the precious things in life need attention just like everything else.

Well it’s late. But I hope you know that tomorrow is always another day to rise and make it yours. Don’t despair! You are the most important thing in this world! Show yourself love! For you are valued!

Working out during the outbreak. 😷😷😷😷

CoronaVirus… !!!you have changed us all!!!..

When people thought about sicknesses what was the first thing that came into mind?

I had no clue our lives would have changed so much! Think about the way now we see things and view each other. I had to adapt to the changes just like you did. Finding ways to keep track of my heath, because damn I am eating like crazy, we are all into Oreos right now!!! Haha! But it’s not because we have always liked them. In fact we have never ever ever liked Oreos before. For some reason we are looking at the comfort food. Things that have given us the opportunity to feel as kids again, trapped inside and finding ways to cope with our relationships between being parents, being member of the community, being ourselves and the insecurities we all face. But at the end of the day, damn good ol Oreos save the day! Hahah.

It’s fine to be unhealthy it’s fine to be “us” who care what people say. Just be yourself. Everything is good in moderation. But also know your heath is of the upmost importance. Find ways to make it work, run with a face mask as I did. Find weights in random objects, and stick to it. We all need encouragement during these tough times. But also enjoy and be happy. Comfort food is what we have always turned to for those movie nights that summers day, the first date with that special someone, or that vacation where unlimited soda fountains and ice cream Sundaes were ok to splurge on!!

Stay safe!! But enjoy being home!!

Push yourself and get the goal!

Never thought I would say this, but it’s worth every moment. You put your all into it and you will get somewhere. We have always been told that everything is easy, well technically speaking it is, you just have to get in shape, mentally or physically, every day try to reach that milestone. Work at it, learn and try, challenge your own thoughts not mine or yours. Don’t worry about buying the latest and greatest, just start with what you have and what you know. I know you work hard you give it your all every moment you can. But nothing will come easy. Everything will always be a struggle, but all you have to know is that if you try to get there, just one ounce of your all, every day, then the pyramids will be built, the skyscraper will be completed, and the train will pass those mountains! Don’t give up!